Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! Special

Title:Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! Special
Type:TV Series
Synonyms:Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!: Pokkapoka, パパのいうことを聞きなさい!ぽっかぽか
Genre:ComedyRomanceSlice of Life


Yuuta Segawa, a college student, suddenly becomes the guardian of his three nieces in place of his sister and her husband. The eldest niece, Sora, is a 14 year old middle school student with semi-long brownish hair decorated with a ribbon. The middle niece, Miu, is an elementary schoolgirl with blond pigtails. The youngest niece, Hina, is an angelic 3 year old attending daycare. This at-home romantic comedy illustrates the chaotic but heartwarming lives of these four characters in their tiny one-room apartment.

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