Pokemon Movie 9: Pokemon Ranger to Umi no Ouji Manaphy

Title:Pokemon Movie 9: Pokemon Ranger to Umi no Ouji Manaphy
Synonyms:Pokemon Advanced Generation: Pokemon Ranger to Umi no Ouji Manaphy, Pokemon: Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, ポケットモンスターアドバンスジェネレーション ポケモンレンジャーと蒼海の王子 マナフィ


Constantly moving throughout the ocean the Temple of the Sea exists invisible to human eyes. It is here that the Sea Crown exists. Phantom the Pirate has captured the egg of a Manaphy, the only Pokémon able to locate the temple. However, his plans are ruined when Jack Walker, a Pokémon Ranger, interferes. Along the way, Ash Ketchum and his friends manage to get caught up in the adventure to return Manaphy to it's home. But along the way Manaphy and May form a special bond.

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